Wheeler High School Soccer:  Announcer + Clock Operator
Spring 2023

Arrive at press box 30 minutes before game time. 

Scoreboard operated via main scoreboard panel. Turn power on/off at back left of machine. Numeric code will appear on screen—leave as is.

>> To set the main clock, press “set main clock” button. Enter time. Press “enter/yes”. Press “start”.

>> If you need to reset the clock: Press “stop”. Press “edit”. Press “set main clock”. Enter time. Press “enter/yes”. Press “start”

>> Press the “horn” button at end of the first half and the end of the game.

PA System: Turn power on/off at back top right of sound board. Follow the cords to see mic controls and Iphone connection. Please bring a dongle to connect phone to system.

JV: 35 min halves
Varsity: 40 min halves
10 min half-time

Clock stops ONLY on score + official X by ref


Team managers will bring the Wheeler starting line-up from Coach Chance (Boys Varsity), Coach Brown (Boys JV) or Coach K (Girls); ensure 11 starters are clearly marked.

Team managers will bring the visiting team starting line-up; ensure 11 starters are clearly marked.

Start clock with 20-minute countdown before match starts. Play music via your Iphone while boys warm-up via the PA system. Scan QR code on back for music playlist created by the boys.

With seven minutes left on the clock prior to the game, start announcing:

Read GHSSA Announcement (in the press box)

Welcome (boys or girls) varsity (or JV) soccer match against INSERT OPPONENT NAME hosted by Wheeler High School.

Announce visitor starting line-up

Announce Wheeler starting line-up

Play National Anthem from your cell phone (Unless we can get a WHS Chorus student to perform live)

Reset game clock to appropriate countdown time (40 or 35 min). Start game clock when ref blows whistle

Announce concessions available in the concessions stand at the south end of the stadium. (1-2 times pre-game, during first half, half time; announce last call 10 minutes into 2nd half. Menu in press box. Concessions closes 20 minutes after 2nd half starts.

Play music from your Iphone during half-time + announce concessions (recommend creating a playlist in advance).

Announce substitutions as they occur (might want to bring binoculars to read jersey #s).


SPONSORS: Please give a shout out to these sponsors.

Miller Mobile Veterinary Services and Animal Hospital
Miller Play + Stay
Tip Top Poultry
Williamson Brothers  Bar-B-Q
Jimmy John's


PRE-GAME MUSIC: Please create a Spotify account then scan QR code to download pre-game playlist